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To introduce vanilla and everyday people into the world of kink. We consider ourselves gatekeepers of the curious and consenting. We collaborate with creatives, vetted kinksters and BDSM practitioners that educate and share their passion with our private members. We pride ourselves on curating a safe space for fantasies and dreams to come alive. 

There is a large group of people looking to get into the lifestyle community or explore their sense of sexual-positivity, however, they don't know how to get started. Additionally, there’s a number of veteran practitioners and professionals dominates looking to educate and safely usher in newcomers. Kelly’s Dreamland helps to bridge the gap between the two worlds by creating a safe and consenting space for members to communicate, be entertained through live erotic art, mingle, and learn. Our members have the opportunity to book BDSM sessions at specific private member events and gain in depth knowledge and coaching from our featured vetted practitioners through the catalog of all of our affairs. 

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