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We are a private club, and a membership is required. When you purchase a membership, the first featured affair you attend is included. Affairs thereafter, a User Fee must be paid to attend. The membership process is simple when following our new member checklist. 


New Member Checklist


Gold Member

$100/featured affair

3 Month Membership

  • One Time Membership Fee

  • User Fee Included for First Featured Affair

  • 10% User Fee Discount for events

  • Complementary towels, lube, and condoms

  • Reserved Chair Seating

  • Extended Play Hours 3-5 am

  • Locker Access (first come, first served)

  • Open Bar

  • Paid Sessions are optional

  • Upgrade to Platinum with two consecutive gold memberships

Platinum Member

$155/featured affair

6 Month Membership

  • One Time Membership Fee

  • User Fee Included for First Featured Affair

  • Priority Waitlist for Sold-Out Events

  • 30% User Fee Discount for events

  • Complementary towels, lube, and condoms

  • Reserved Table & Seating

  • Extended Play Hours 3-5 am

  • Playmate Match

  • Secure Locker & Lock (first come, first served)

  • Open Bar or BYOB

  • Catered Meal & Beverage

  • Paid Sessions are optional


Already a member? 

Ready to pay the user fee for our next featured affair?


  • What's the difference between a ticket and a membership?
    Ticket holders ONLY have access to the show. Memberships have full access to all rooms in the venue.
  • Where are you located?
    A private location in Atlanta, Ga.
  • Are all members vetted at Kelly's Dreamland?
    Yes, after membership is paid for, our members must go through our vetting process to gain access to featured events.
  • Can I leave during the shut-in part of the event?
    To preserve the privacy of our playmates our doors will lock and remain locked until 3 am.
  • Are the events couple friendly?
    Certainly, the more the marrier.
  • Can I buy ones at Kelly's Dreamland?
    Yes, we most certainly sell ones however it's highly recommended that you bring your own to avoid our house fee.
  • Is STD testing required to attend?
    It's highly encouraged and maybe requested from other playmates.
  • What should I bring?
    A positive attitude, your freaky side, cash, ones for tipping, and an opened mind. Please see our dress code section for information about personal items.
  • Can I come by myself?
    Of course, we also have a playmate match option, should you want to look forward to meeting a mystery playmate.
  • What is a playmate?
    Someone (whether single or part of a couple) who you are comfortable with adult sexual activity (whether watching or joining in).
  • Are all events all-inclusive?
    Kelly's Dreamland is open to single women, single men, couples and throuples.
  • Do I have to have sex at Kelly's Dreamland?
    No, the events are for you to completely relax and feel free to be you!
  • What should I wear?
    Ladies - lingerie is the standard however less is always welcomed. Men - think Hugh Henefer
  • When do I find out the exact address of where an event takes place?
    After purchase at link is sent via email with this information.
  • Does Madame Kelly assist with hotel and flight bookings for out of town guests?
    Yes, this is an option should the guest decided to add this on. Madame Kelly finds the lowest quality options with her partnership with airlines and hotel chains. For more information please contact Madame Kelly at 404-530-9304
  • Once I book, can I call you to discuss my booking?
    Absolutely, Kelly can be reached at 404-503-9304.
  • Does the price include travel insurance?
    We do not offer insurance on travel accomdations due to third party partnerships.


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