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Updated 1/13/24

Kelly's Dreamland ("KD") operates as a private community facilitating the introduction of individuals who may be new to the lifestyle community. Contrary to misconceptions, we are not a brothel or a venue for casual sexual encounters. Instead, we serve as gatekeepers ensuring the participation of consenting members within our space.

It is crucial to clarify that attending our featured events does not guarantee or imply sexual activity. Member presence allows access to KD, without any implication of sexual exchange.

At the core of our community are principles of consent, respect, and acceptance, which are essential for everyone to enjoy themselves fully.

Upon entering or returning it's imperative to adhere to certain etiquette guidelines to ensure a safe and memorable experience.

  1. The Golden Rule "NO means NO". Consent is paramount. No one should ever need to reiterate their refusal. Verbal permission must be obtained before any physical interaction.

  2. Lifestyle Show. Kelly's Dreamland features a live erotic lifestyle show where tipping is customary. You can bring ones to tip performers or cash in your bills or digital payments for house ones with a 10% fee. 

  3. Shut-In Policy. During 12-3 a.m., doors are locked until the shut-in is complete. No entry or exit is permitted during this time.

  4. Zero Tolerance Policy. Any form of prostitution or monetary exchange for sexual activity is strictly prohibited.

  5. Recording. Video recording is not permitted in any area of Kelly's Dreamland. This includes recording of yourself and live-streaming.

  6. No Touching Without Verbal Permission. Always seek permission before touching anyone. Observing others' actions does not imply consent.

  7. Approaching Members with Respect. Respectful communication is expected, especially when interacting with other members.

  8. Intoxication. Drunkenness is not tolerated. Entry will be denied to intoxicated individuals, as legal consent cannot be given under such conditions. Please consume alcohol responsibly.

  9. Reality Chamber. If a member is found to be inebriated, they will be required to remain in the reality chamber with a sitter until they pass a sobriety test with security. 

  10. No Harassment or Creepy Behavior. Harassment in any form, including persistent requests for contact or sexual activity, is unacceptable. Respect others' boundaries and refrain from inappropriate behavior.

  11. Play Rooms. The playroom(s) are designated for consenting activities and should not be treated as a casual lounge area.

  12. Condom Use. Condoms must be worn during any interaction unless explicit written consent is given to forgo their use.

  13. Safety. At any time during the duration of featured affairs, if you feel unsafe, challenged, or harassed by anyone present, please bring it to the attention of Madame Kelly or Dream and the violators will be immediately removed and dismissed from the Dreamland Community with Lifestyle Community consequences. KD has zero tolerance for disrespect, unsafe situations, and non consenting acts from staff, sponsors, and members.

  14. Non-solicitation. Solicitation of any form of KD members, performers, staff, volunteers, members, vendors, or sponsors for any reason whatsoever during any event is not authorized.

  15. Access. Access is exclusive and reserved solely for Kelly's Dreamland members. All visitors accompanying the Contractor must purchase a ticket or obtain membership for admission, and entrance for free or unpaid guests is strictly forbidden.

  16. Discipline. KD’s discipline system is intended to be redemptive and is designed to restore individuals to good standing within the Dreamland Community. As such, discipline is often progressive in nature, starting with warnings and moving to more serious sanctions. If the member refuses to receive corrective action, engages in behaviors that threaten the safety and security of other members of the community, or exhibits a blatant disregard of KD policies, dismissal is likely and law enforcement may be involved depending on the circumstances. KD has zero tolerance for disrespect, unsafe situations, and nonconsenting acts.

  17. Dismissal. This provision applies to instances that may be shared with other lifestyle communities and includes: a. violations of consent, b. unresolved patterns of misconduct, c. refusal to comply with less punitive forms of correction, d. blatant disregard for Dreamland and Lifestyle Community standards, e. behaviors with the potential to significantly impact the physical or emotional well-being of other community members, and f. behaviors that endanger the safety and security of others, KD itself, or the Dreamland community. Dismissal can be immediate or at a designated time, depending on the nature and timing of the offense and the discretion of KD. Being a member is a privilege that must be respected.

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