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Read What Others Say About Dreamland

Kelly's Dreamland was not what I expected and was 10x more than what I could ever imagine. - Jessica W.

We enjoyed ourselves, but there is some feedback; an additional bartender was needed, more bed space to play upstairs in VIP. - Naomi R.

I knew this existed in Atlanta, I never thought I'd see it, my husband definitely surprise me. - Anna H.

I thought that I as going to a male revue, I was wrong! Kelly's Dreamland had male and female entertainers, the host as hilarious, the drinks & food were great and the shut in took things to whole other freaky level! I would definitely attend another. -Shay T.

I probably selected the playmate match option, I didn't know anyone but the show was amazing, I wish I was able to play with someone. I guess I'm more shy than I thought. - LaTasha M.

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