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Kelly's Dreamland is pleased to be releasing our sponsorship program for the 2023 FY.  If you are looking to spotlight your company and its capabilities to the targeted industry leaders we strongly suggest you reach out to us to discuss the many options and price points that are available.

Receive the visibility and ROI you search for in your sponsorship expenditures.

Sponsorships are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • Do you want your company spotlighted to members of black-owned, sold out erotic shows?

  • Are you aiming to market directly to your target market without the high costs of print media ads?

  • Are you looking for lead generation opportunities for decision-makers over 12 calendar months?

  • Do you aim to sharpen your competitive edge and brand awareness with extensive longer-term marketing initiatives with improved return on investment?

  • Does your company seek impactful and cost-efficient marketing and networking business development initiatives?

If you answered yes, one of our Sponsorship Memberships is for you!

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